Free medical treatment, will be provided to you from a local doctor during the whole duration of a study.

Free medicaments as part of a study.

There is a possibility of a new evolutionary treatment methods.

A referral from a doctor is not necessary

For patients

What are the benefits of our clinical research?

First of all - free medical treatment. Patients are provided not only with the investigational drugs, but also with the concomitant and background therapy.

Secondly - the patient undergoes regular examinations and health checks, that not all of us are able to provide for ourselves under normal treatment conditions.

Thirdly - the patient has access to innovative medicine. Such medicine is the only hope of survival for the patients with the terminal stage of cancer.

Fourthly - Your safety is our highest priority. The patient participates in the study only at their own request - after signing formal agreement, the patient receives insurance for the duration of the study and has the right to withdraw from it at any time.

Furthermore, the State Expert Center regularly checks that the progress of the clinical trial is in compliance with the application when obtaining the documents. If it is not in compliance, than the research either gets halted temporarily, until the problem is solved, or gets completely shut down.

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